DDm (Digital Document Magazine) is a multi-platform publication that provides news and information on the digital and offset print and document management industry through a variety of channels, both online and offline.

The DDm platform is based on the viewpoint of the publisher – 4IT Group – on the important changes which have recently impacted communication and publishing dynamics and which have brought a new language to information and changes in the organisation and distribution of content. More information means sharing, mobility and multichannel in order to ensure its fluid and timely consumption.

The main elements of this project are the website www.digitaldocument.it, the 4News app, the printed magazine and its electronic version.

The website www.digitaldocument.it provides daily coverage of all the main news of the day, divided into five principal categories in which to follow developments in the market and in which the publisher 4IT Group is actively engaged: document management, green, postal & mail, printing and direct marketing.

As well as having the goal of informing and sharing knowledge, the website allows interaction with the reader and a continuous dialogue with market players and the clients who use their technologies.

The contents are also distributed, in a similar format, via the free App for iPad, 4News: the mobile communication channel for DDm, which makes news, interviews and videos available directly on your tablet so you can be constantly updated on what’s happening.

With a new issue every two months, DDm reaches its readers in paper form as a magazine where information, trends, experiences and perspectives from the national and international market are provided as well as the latest news, all with a monographic approach as well as a journalistic one.

Finally, the magazine is available online in a page-by-page format for those who don’t have time to wait for the paper copy to get to their desk, and for those who like the kind of multimedia content that this format allows.


Everything to do with print! Market trends in commercial, publishing and transactional print. Crossover between offset and digital print technologies, with special attention to print improvement solutions, finishing and organisational and commercial models. The integration of hardware and software in production printing for the different vertical sectors of the market, integration of the different technologies, market applications of business communication.

Among the more specific topics, digital publishing, from billing to intelligent post, Automated Document Factory, labelling and packaging applications, database management for one-to-one communication, finishing and postal.
Printing in wide-format applications and for visual graphics. From screen printing technology to digital ultra-wide format.

Document Management
The phases within document lifecycles and the value of Information Lifecycle Management. Latest innovations in administrative document management, from electronic invoicing to substitutive conservation, from certified post to regulatory security measures.
Practical solutions for controlling management costs and increasing ROI.
Print and document management in the office environment. Products and solutions for greater efficiency in document and print management, new platforms and the pervasive use of colour. Managed Print Services and the optimisation of company printing services.
The roles of the office and IT channels, the evolution of market players from equipment suppliers to solution providers.

Direct Marketing
Direct communication in its various guises and in the context of media-mix, personalisation, direct mail, the role of paper in cross-channel campaigns, transpromo applications, multi-channel communication, social media, privacy and the regulations for online and offline communications.

Postal & Mail
The topic of postal seen from the viewpoint of the printing and document management industry. The evolution of the liberalisation process, new services from postal operators for direct communication, access for operators to postal services in the Mass Post market.
The convergence of electronic and paper communications, e-substitution and e-integration.
Hardware and software solutions for print services, enveloping and postal delivery.

The issues of sustainable and environmental development applied to the production print industry and for the management of distributed office print. Eco-sustainable types of paper and support materials in applications for visual and graphics. Energy saving and the topic of Green Public Procurement.